“Botox” and Dermal Fillers

Dr Francois is a medical doctor with many years of experience. He is an expert in his field and does “Botox” with Azzalure, the safe alternative for your health in mind. Dr Francois applies “Botox” and Dermal Fillers in such a way to soften your lines, without knocking out your expressions.

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Anti-Wrinkle “Botox” Injections

1 zone – £180
2 zones – £260
3 zones – £330
“Botox” touch up – £100
Consultation – £50
Top ups’ only available in the zone already treated up to 3 weeks after the initial treatment.

Botulinum Toxin A, “botox” is a naturally occurring bacterial protein. Tiny doses of this substance are injected just under the skin into the muscles that are treated to reduce wrinkles. The “botox” specifically clocks the nerve impulse, allowing the muscles that are responsible for the excessive contractions that causes wrinkles, to relax.

The procedure causes minimal discomfort and you can resume normal activities soon after the treatment.
The initial effect of Azzalure/ “botox” injections will begin to appear within 2 – 3 days. The effect of the “botox” is always temporary. It usually lasts about 4 months and sometimes longer. The next treatment depends on the duration of the effect in each individual patient.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers – £400
Adjustments – £150
Consultation – £60
Adjustments only available 1 week after the initial treatment
Belotero Dermal Fillers is a unique dermal filler approved by European regulators (CE mark) and the FDA that seamlessly integrates with your skin and adapts to your facial contours, therefore plumps and adds volume to your face. Find out how Belotero Dermal Fillers softens and smooths lines and wrinkles so discreetly like no other filler.

Belotero Dermal Fillers contains a non-animal hyaluronic acid: naturally present in the body; which holds up to 1000 times its own weight in moisture.

Is it Permanent?
No. Hyaluronic Acid will break down, much as your own HA will over time.

How long does it last?
Studies show that Belotero Hyaluronic acid fillers last up to 9 months. Clients can have follow-up treatments from 6-12 months